PhD Degree Graduates

Lawrence A. Rowe

12. Andrew Swan, "The Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Multicast Session Layer"
December 2006

11. Amar Singh Chaudhary, "Perceptual Scheduling in Real-time Music and Audio Applications"
December 1999 (Co-Chair with Professor David Wessel)

10. Ketan Mayer-Patel, "A Parallel Software-only Video Effects Processing System"
December 1999.

9. Stephen R. Smoot, "Maximizing Perceived Quality Given Bit-rate Constraints in MPEG Encoding
through Content-adaptivity"
December 1998

8. Brian Smith, "Implementation Techniques for Continuous Media Systems and Applications"
December 1994

7. Joseph Konstan, "An Event-Based Architecture for Graphical User Interface Toolkits"
December 1992

6. Yongdong Wang, "Performance Studies of Cache Consistency and Concurrency Control Algorithms in A Distributed Client/Server DBMS Architecture"
May 1992

5. Christopher Hegarty, "Process-Flow Specification and Dynamic Run Modification for Semiconductor Manufacturing"
May 1991

4. John Bell, "A Case Sudy of Ad Hoc Query Interfaces to Databases"
December 1990

3. Eli Messinger, "Automatic Layout of Large Directed Graphs"
June 1988

2. Kurt Shoens, "A Form Application Development System"
November 1982

1. Thomas Morgan, "Analysis Techniques for Exotic Machine Instructions
and Their Use in Retargetable Compilers"
May 1982