Lawrence A. Rowe

Emeritus Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
University of California, Berkeley

Retired, Chairman/CEO/President, FX Palo Alto Research Laboratory

Biographical Information

Professor Lawrence A. Rowe retired in June 2003 after twenty-seven years at U.C. Berkeley to pursue various activities including the development of streaming media software, consulting with multimedia research laboratories, and investing in startup companies. He was the founding director of the Berkeley Multimedia Research Center (BMRC) created in 1995 to explore the application of multimedia technology to education and research. BMRC taught classes on multimedia authoring, established and operated authoring studios and distributed collaboration and distance learning classrooms, and provided technical support on a variety of issues relating to multimedia systems and applications. BMRC closed in 2002 when funding to support the center ended.

While at the University, Professor Rowe headed the research group that produced the Berkeley MPEG-1 Tools (1991-5), the Berkeley Multimedia, Interfaces, and Graphics (MIG) Seminar Webcast (1995-2002), and the Open Mash Streaming Media Toolkit (1999-2003). He was also responsible for the development and deployment of the Berkeley Lecture Webcasting System.

Earlier in his career he worked on database systems and development tools that were commercialized by the original Ingres Corporation (1980-1990). He received several "Best Paper" awards. And, a paper he co-authored with Dr. Michael Stonebraker titled "Design of POSTGRES" published in 1986 received the "1996 ACM SSIGMOD Test of Time Award" for a paper that had the most impct over the decade after which it first appeared. A paper published with his students at the first ACM Multimedia Conference in 1993 was selected as one of the papers having a significant impact on the research community over the following decade. A revised version of the paper was published in the inaugural issue of the ACM Trans. on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications in 2005 showing the impact ten years of improvements in processing and storage had on the results published in 1993.

Professor Rowe served as President of FX Palo Alto Research Laboratory (FXPAL) from April 2007 to September 2013 and Chairman/CEO from October 2013 to December 2014 when he retired. FXPAL is a multimedia research laboratory owned by Fuji Xerox located in Palo Alto CA. The laboratory focuses on multimedia systems and applications, interactive multimedia document authoring, storage, search, and analysis, and distributed collaboration. The core competencies of the lab are human-computer interfaces and multimedia technology. Recently, we have been exploring cloud computing and mobile applications.

Professor Rowe received a BA degree in Mathematics and a PhD in Information and Computer Science from the University of California at Irvine in 1970 and 1976, respectively. He is an ACM Fellow , past chair (1998-2003) of the ACM Special Interest Group on Multimedia (SIGMM), and served on numerous administrate and policy committees at the Berkeley campus, the University of California, and the U.S. Government.

He consulted with and served on the Technical Advisory Boards of numerous companies, co-founded several companies including Ingres Corporation, NCast Corporation, and Orinda Software, Inc., and served on the Board of Directors of Ingres Corporation, NCast Corporation, and Siemens Technology-to-Business.

Professor Rowe received many awards and honors. He was a co-recipient of the UC Technology Leadership Council 2002 Larry L. Sautter Award for Innovation in Information Technology for his leadership of the development of the Berkeley Lecture Webcasting System. He received the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Science Distinguished Alumni Award from U.C. Irvine in 2007. And, in 2009 he received the ACM SIGMM Technical Achievement Award that recognizes lifetime research accomplishments in multimedia systems and applications.

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